Hello and Welcome to my website!

I'm DDDaniel*, an artist and graphic designer from Austria, currently based in the city of Munich. Being creative and producing art has always been a huge part of my life and will always be. For my artworks I like to use neon colors so that my ideas can shine in a fascinating glow. I draw inspiration from animated series, fast-paced electronic music and cartoons.


With my background as a design management graduate I'm also experienced and educated in marketing, business theory and different fields of graphic design, such as layout, logo or corporate design. During my studies I discovered my love for the digital art process by getting to know programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


What I love most is creating illustrations in my own personal style. I love experimenting with eye-catching elements, often mixing them together to highlight the psychedelic nature of my designs. By using a versatile mix of colours and effects I'm able to express a wide range of topics and emotions. I want people to look at my colourful illustrations and instantly feel joy and happiness and forget about the greyness of life.


My favourite thing about being an illustrator is sharing thoughts with other people without using words. In my opinion this reduced form of communication makes for an even deeper connection between creator and viewers.

Do you think my creative style could do something for your business? Are you interested in custom-made artwork, editorial illustrations, prints, etc. ? Or are you simply curious about me and my work?


Don't be shy and contact me to find out more!

*My real name is Daniel Daringer.

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